NO Astronomical Observing at Fishcreek - Friday 6/04/2010
Date confirmed on 1/27/2010 at 9:30am via call from Children's Hospital

Regardless of weather, we will NOT be meeting behind Fishcreek Elementary School tonight due to prior commitments by all the telescope owner/operators you've come to know.  Most of us are heavily involved with the ACA (Astronomy Club of Akron, Inc) and are committed to setting up telescopes tonight for Camp CHOPS (Children's Hospital Oncology Patients & Staff).
This event at Camp Christopher is scheduled months ahead and we look forward to showing the campers the wonders of the universe.

Camp Christopher is located at the intersection of Ira Rd and N Hametown Rd in Bath, OH.
Click HERE for a map and exact directions to Camp Christopher.  We'll arrive at the camp by 8:00PM to set up equipment.

Setting up for the campers
Preparing for the campers...going over a list of potential Iridium flares to show the children.
Left to right: ACA members Norm Schmidt aka "Uncle Sam", Jerry Unroe, Andy Marek and Dave Jessie
Photo taken by ACA member Rosaelena Villaseņor

We will be restarting our normal Stow observing sessions at Fishcreek School on Friday 6/11/10, weather permitting, of course.

Observing conditions in Stow, map to our location and other useful information is available here:

    ClearSkyClock for Fishcreek Site
  (the darker blue the squares are, the better)

    For map & directions to our normal Stow location, or click on 'Road Map' in the 'Nifty Links' section immediately below our Sky Clock.

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