Astronomical Observing at Fishcreek
Friday 11/26/2010
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To get you started, here's information on the Sun, planets & Moon for 11/26/2010...



  5:02:47 pm

Civil Twilight:


  5:29:42 pm

Nautical Twilight:


  6:03:41 pm

Astronomical Twilight:


  6:36:49 pm



10:04 pm

Moon transit:


  5:11 am - Nov 27



12:07 pm - Nov 27

Moon phase:


70.3% (waning gibbous)


The Moon will look like this for us tonight, but not until 10:30pm
so deep sky objects will take a back seat to lunar & planetary viewing.
Our new equipment will provide a fabulous, highly-detailed look at lunar features!

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