Wonders of the Night Sky - Astronomy Programs
conducted under the auspices of the Stow Parks & Recreation Department
since September 15, 1995

  General information you should know about our observing events...
  Question "What are these programs?

Basically, we gather in the field behind Fishcreek Elementary School, 5080 Fishcreek Rd, Stow, Ohio 44224 after sunset and show you the Universe!  Most of our viewing events occur on Fridays.


You can see when these events will occur in the Notice Area or the Calendar of Events on the home page of this site.


Occasionally an event will occur at a different location or on a different day of the week...the Calendar will always provide details.


Now and then, especially during the winter months, lectures will be listed in the Calendar with details.


Please bookmark the home page and stop by often for announcements of events and astronomy news in general.

  Question "What's the deal?  Do I have to register?  What's the cost?  What time should I plan to be there?"

You do not need to own a telescope nor even know how to look through one to attend!  We'll show you how. 


No registration required.


There is absolutely NO COST of any kind to attend or participate in these observing events.


Come and go at your complete leisure.


We usually start setting up equipment about an hour before sunset.


If you can only stop for a brief visit, please do so.


If you can't get here until very late, stop in and take a look with us night owls.

  Question "How should I dress?"

Dress warmer than you think you need to.  Important!


It feels really cold at night, even if it's warm in the daytime.


Long pants and a jacket (or two!) are recommended regardless of daytime temperatures.

  Question "What should I bring with me?"

Telescopes and/or binoculars (if you have them), but this is most definitely *not* required.


Lawn chairs, blankets, hot drinks and any other material comforts you can think of.


Enthusiasm! You won't be disappointed.


Anyone who might like to join you!

  Question "I'm new to this.  Where did you say these events occur?"

Our observing site is in the field behind Fishcreek Elementary School, 5080 Fishcreek Rd, Stow, Ohio 44224. The school is directly across from the Fishcreek Rd / Call Rd intersection just north of the Fishcreek Rd / Stow Rd intersection. If you're coming from Darrow Rd (RT 91) turn onto Fishcreek and the school's driveway will be about 1.1 miles on your right. From Kent Rd (RT 59) turn onto Fishcreek Rd and the school's driveway will be about 2.7 miles on your left. Fishcreek Rd only runs between Darrow Rd (RT-91) and Kent Rd (RT-59). 

  Click here for a map and directions to our location
  Click here for an aerial view of Fishcreek School and the observing field

Click aerial photo for map
Click map above for aerial view of
Fishcreek School and observing field


Nearly all of our events take place on Fridays in the field behind Fishcreek Elementary School, 5080 Fishcreek Rd, Stow, Ohio 44224.  However, occasionally we'll have a special event at another location.  If this is the case, it will be explained in the Notice Area and on the details page for the date in question.

  Question "Does the City of Stow own all the telescopes on the observing field?"

No.  All the equipment is privately owned by people interested in showing you the Universe.  Please remember this and ask before touching any of the telescopes or other equipment.  It's perfectly alright to look through any of the gear, but please ask the owners before doing so since they may be in the middle of some special observation or perhaps working to align their computerized telescopes.  This equipment can be very expensive and we must protect the investments made by the amateur astronomers that set up for our enjoyment.  We ask that you remember to be courteous at all times.

  Question "Will the events occur if the weather is bad?"

No.  Unfortunately, our telescopes can't see through clouds.  Rain, lightning and telescopes do not get along well together.


Question "Anything else I should know?"

Yes - a few things to keep in mind...


Be courteous, especially to the hard-working telescope owners/operators.


If you want to use insect repellant, PLEASE move to a location down-wind of the telescopes before spraying.


We make every effort to maintain a SMOKE-FREE environment, so please attempt to NOT SMOKE, but if you must, please move to a location far down-wind from the telescopes before lighting, and stay there until you finish.
Smoke on expensive optics is NOT a good thing.


How about pets?

Most of us love animals as much as you do, but they are simply not appropriate at these events for the following reasons:

Some folks are afraid of large dogs and we must make certain everyone is comfortable.

Dogs sometime leave, let say, "remnants" that can't be seen in the dark causing great annoyance.

Leashes can get tangled around tripod legs and bring expensive equipment crashing to the ground.

In the dark, your pet can get stepped on and injured.  We wouldn't want that!

For these reasons, we cannot allow pets anywhere near the observing field.


"OK, I'm interested in attending, but how will I know if the weather is bad where the observing will occur?"


Easy! Just check the Notice Area message box near the top of the home page or on the event date in the Calendar of Events


If you want the latest possible status, please call 330-688-9043 before you make an unnecessary trip.

Very sincerely yours,
Dave Jessie
Time spent observing the heavens is not deducted from your life span

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