Items found on the observing field after the owners left for the evening


        Items lost on the observing field which are still missing...

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Found on the field after event on Friday July 30, 2010. We're not even sure what this is!

Tasco lens cap

Found on the field after event on June 22, 2007. Is this yours? We're still looking for the owner.


Dave Jessie's two missing equipment cases have been returned with all contents intact!

On Saturday 11/29/08, I received a call from two children, Maddison and Mason, who on 10/18/08 had found my two cases filled with observing gear left on the observing field the prior night.  They protected the cases and contents at their home but had no idea who the owner was until noon 11/29/08 when they ventured back on the field to play and saw the signs identifying the cases with my name and phone number.  They took down one of the signs, ran home and told their mother and then called immediately to let me know they had the cases.  Oddly, I had decided that morning to take down the signs since it had been six weeks since the loss without a hint of their return and, frankly, I thought they were gone forever.  Some of the gear in the cases was irreplaceable and losing it was difficult for me to accept.  The promised $100.00 reward was gladly given - even though they initially refused to accept it - and all is well.  The cases with all contents in perfect condition are safe at home and everything is wonderful.  My thanks to everyone that expressed good wishes for the return of the gear...and my deepest thanks to Maddison, Mason and their parents for restoring my faith in humanity.  This time of year is filled with heart-warming stories - it is amazing to actually experience one!

THANK YOU, MADDISON and MASON, and to their parents, JILL and JERRY, for raising two caring children.


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