Title of talk:

"Stars, How Big Is Big?"

Presented by:

Lew Snodgrass, ACA member & Treasurer



Sponsored by:

Astronomy Club of Akron, Inc.




725 Portage Lakes Dr
Akron, OH  44319




Friday April 24 2009 at 8:00PM



Who can attend?

Anyone!  Absolutely free and open to the public



We all know stars are big, but just how BIG are they? Are you aware that over 1 million planet Earths would fit inside our Sun? How large is our sun compared to some of the other stars in our Milky Way? Why are some stars much larger or much smaller than our Sun; what is the difference between a White Dwarf and a Red Giant? Why are stars different colors; what does that have to do with their size?
Come hear Lew tell us all about it!


Lew's interest in astronomy began when he was a young boy in Cuyahoga Falls. His first telescope, a humble cardboard-tube Newtonian with a plastic focuser, gave him a view of Jupiter and its moons - a 'wow' moment which ensured his lifelong devotion to stargazing. Later, while studying for his BA in Public Relations at the University of Akron, Lew took an astronomy class taught by ACA honorary member, Phil Hegenderfer, and learned of the ACA. After attending several events, he joined in early 2007. Lew's arsenal of astro-gear has evolved since his early days of backyard viewing; the small refractor he acquired a few years ago has been joined by a Celestron CPC1100. Lew has made many contribu- tions to the ACA, including serving as its Treasurer. The Club is proud to have him as a member.















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