Title of talk:

The Crab Nebula

Presented by:

Ron Kalinoski, ACA member & Observatory Director



Sponsored by:

Astronomy Club of Akron, Inc.




725 Portage Lakes Dr
Akron, OH  44319




Friday May 22 2009 at 8:00PM - last meeting until September 25, 2009



Who can attend?

Anyone!  Absolutely free and open to the public



Ron will share his knowledge about the discovery of the Crab Nebula and how M1 earned its nickname, as well as star formation and synthesis of elements inside large stars, and the mechanism of the supernova explosion. Ron will also talk about the Anasazi Indians and their Solar Observatory atop Fajada Butte, and their observation of the 1054 Supernova.


Ron's stargazing days began at age 10, when he successfully petitioned his father for his first telescope, a 60mm Sears refractor. A member of the ACA since 1995, Ron is also a member of The Planetary Society and the Lehigh Valley Amateur Astronomical Society. In his spare time, he enjoys travelling to the southwest to camp in the desert and observe the night sky. His favorite locations include Big Bend National Park, VLA, Kitt Peak Observatory, Chaco Canyon, Mount Wilson Observatory, and Death Valley National Park.








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